Why We’re Different?

Picture if you will a typical Workers Compensation Clinic.

Can you see it? What images does it conjure up? Are any of the following thoughts coming to mind right now?

  • Speedy
  • Clean

  • Friendly
  • Respectful

  • Comfortable
  • Courteous

  • Prompt
  • Professional

  • Consistent
  • Happy

  • Efficient
  • Caring



Unfortunately, many experiences with work comp clinics cannot be described using these words. In fact, most people have come to ACCEPT poor service and extended wait times from their workers compensation medical provider. Why? Because you have been conditioned to EXPECT it!

  • Put the needs of our patients and their employers above other concerns.
  • Staff our clinic with positive, caring, growth oriented professionals.
  • Continually update our equipment, technology, and treatment techniques.

  • Select ancillary providers that share our philosophies and goals in medicine.
  • Provide ongoing training of our staff.
  • Maintain a clinic that is clean and comfortable, with minimal wait times.

  • Treat our patients with genuine respect and courtesy at each and every visit.
  • Graciously accept both praise and criticism, when it is given.
  • Empower our staff to positively affect the “experience” others have with our clinic.