Airman Medical Exams

We are pleased to accommodate your need for an Airman Medical Certificate, and our staff is well versed in the FAA’s ever-changing certification standards and procedures.  Walk-in’s are welcome, but patients with appointments receive better service AND a discount off the price of their exam. Learn More

Work Comp Injury Care
workers comp

We are Denver’s premier facility for Workers’ Compensation Injury Care.  Our staff and physicians take great pride in providing the very best care available to injured workers. Many of our staff members are fluent in Spanish, and our forms are available in English or Spanish to ensure all patients are comfortable filling them out. We accept ALL Work Comp insurance carriers, and have been a leader in claims management, return to work, and cost management for decades.

Drug Testing and Physicals

We offer physicals, drug screens, and alcohol testing to support to nearly any industry.  DOT Physicals, HAZMAT Exams, FAA Physicals, DOT and NON-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing, Respirator Physicals, Return-to -Work Evaluations, Immunizations, Audio (hearing) Testing, and Vision Screening are just a few of the many services we provide.  If you are an employer looking for these sorts of services, send us a note by clicking here: Contact Us

Our Mission
To be the Occupational Medicine clinic of choice for businesses and patients by providing the best medical care available under the workers compensation program, with appropriate emphasis on returning employees to the productive work environment.

What Makes Us Different? We:

  • Put the needs of our patients and their
    employers above other concerns.

  • Staff our clinic with positive, caring, growth oriented professionals.

  • Continually update our equipment,
    technology, and treatment techniques

  • Select ancillary providers that share our philosophies and goals in medicine.

  • Provide ongoing training of our staff.

  • Maintain a clinic that is clean and
    comfortable, with minimal wait times.

  • Treat our patients with genuine respect
    and courtesy at each and every visit.

  • Graciously accept both praise and criticism, when it is given.

  • Empower our staff to positively affect the “experience” others have with our clinic.