July 21, 2020 Clinic Update
Aviation & Occupational Medicine


Effective August 3rd, 2020 clinic hours will RETURN TO NORMAL. 7:00 am to 4:30 pm – Monday through Friday. Last appointment or walk-in patient will continue to be cut off at 4:00 pm as it has always been.


The temporary change in hours allowed us to ensure we had the right staffing available at the right time, and we were able to provide appropriate and ongoing care for our patients during the most difficult part of the COVID-19 situation. This allowed us to remain open 5 days a week, without cutting staffing or adversely affecting patient care – and so we thank you for your understanding, patience and continued support during the temporary hours modification. We do not anticipate any future changes to our hours, but of course will provide additional updates as they are necessary.


Governor Polis has issued a Statewide Mask Mandate as you are no doubt aware, and the City and County of Denver has had one in place for some time. Both mandates apply to our clinic and so all staff are required, and all patients and visitors are encouraged, to follow the City and State’s directives regarding mask use, and especially where social distancing is not feasible. We continue to utilize best practices regarding social distancing and sanitation within the clinic, and have a “restaurant style” pager system in place in the event that the waiting room’s “social distancing capacity” is exceeded. We continue to perform ALL services including physicals, drug and alcohol testing, and injury care without interruption.


REMINDER: We DO NOT perform COVID-19 testing of any kind, either for active disease OR antibody testing. We will not see or clear patients (who were out for COVID-19 illness – OR – COVID-19 precautions) to return to work UNLESS and UNTIL they have been seen, treated, and confirmed negative by their treating physician with a “Full-Duty, No Restriction” to return to work.


To stay informed on COVID-19 you can follow CDC recommendations and Colorado Specific data using the links below:


If you have questions or concerns regarding our clinic services or approach to COVID-19, please feel free to call Tony Baker, C.O.O.. Note that we do not have any information or advice regarding COVID-19 beyond what the CDC is currently communicating.


Tony’s phone is 303-333-4411 x311

Aviation & Occupational Medicine Staff